Reach for Resiliency

S-T-R-E-S-S Its an ugly word. As you read the word notice how your body automatically tenses. You might feel your breath catch and you may even feel your pulse quicken. We’ve all experienced stress in our lives. Work. Relationships. Life. They are all things that we seek to balance in our lives and as life happens, work can pile up and relationships can suffer. We hear how our own stress can even have an impact on those closest to us. It’s ironic that those that surround us with love, support and care can feel the effects of our own stressful situations. You have the power to change that.

Read the following words and take note of how they make you feel: worry, fear, anxiety, insomnia. It’s like a layer of BLAH. Allowing those words to take over you can have an even more detrimental effect than just the feeling of BLAH. It can crumble the best things you have…if you let it.

Now read the following words and take note of how you feel: happy, positive, smile, love, rested. Don’t you feel so much better? There have been numerous studies on how words and images affect the brain and how we feel. It can be challenging, but if you train the brain you change the feelings. If you can change the feelings you can change your response. Imagine that? Imagine having complete control over how you feel during times of stress? The old saying “Count to 10” has a lot of validity when it comes to handling your stressful scenarios. It gives you time to BREATHE. It gives you time to breathe out the stress and all those ugly feelings that accompany it and breathe in all of the positive words you can think of.

Life can throw us some pretty interesting events. It is how we choose to respond that will determine if we let it get to us or we let it grow us. Choosing resiliency during stress is a really good start. Making this small change has the power to build things up and to continue to grow the wonderful things around you.

Next time you’re feeling the weight of things on you try the following: Take 3 slow and controlled breaths. As you inhale visualize yourself breathing in love, light and happiness. As you exhale, take the breath from your lower abdomen and visualize yourself breathing out worry, anxiety, and negativity. After your third breath inhale while bringing your arms up over head. Reach them up high towards the sky. Exhale and slowly bring them down to your sides. Continue this for 10 seconds (or more). You will feel lighter, brighter, and more peaceful. Reach for resiliency as often as you need to until you feel only good things filling your heart.

About Nichole

I became intrigued with the concept of food as fuel. In 2004 I decided to become certified in sports nutrition so that I could learn, in even more detail, how food could keep me strong and healthy. What started as a personal interest eventually turned into using my knowledge to help others.
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