Whole heart – whole soul: Commitment

How committed are you to reaching your goals? We must have commitment of heart and mind in order to fully engage in anything we set out to accomplish.  Linking the two together can be so powerful.  My karate instructor used to teach us about commitment with relation to a punch or kick in sparring.  During a sparring match, if you don’t commit to a punch or a kick you could either miss the point or get hit with a strike.  Who wants to miss completely or take a shot?  Not me!

If you find yourself in a spot where you lack commitment stop and think about why you are even in that spot.  Is it because of a choice you made or a choice that someone made for you?  Are you in a funk because you lack proper rest and you’re just feeling fatigue?  Motivation can play a huge role here and when you go back to determine your WHY, you can often find that spark for your commitment.

I’ve never had a challenge with commitment until I started to get older and the responsibilities pile on.  Every week I check in with myself to make sure I’m on target with each project I tackle.   If I don’t feel 100% about something I know it’s time to take a step back to see if I might have too much on my plate.  I absolutely don’t want a mess on my table from my plate overflowing!  But it does happen to the best of us.

So what do I do to stay on track and make sure I’m putting 100% into everything I choose?  I go through this mental checklist:

1) Does it make my heart happy?

2) Do I know how to do this?  And if I don’t, am I willing to figure it out?

3) Do I have the time it will take?

4) Can I give it my all?

Stay committed even when things get busy, when times get tough, or if you have to deviate from your initial plan just a little.  When you can put your whole heart and whole soul into something, the results will be amazing.


About Nichole

I became intrigued with the concept of food as fuel. In 2004 I decided to become certified in sports nutrition so that I could learn, in even more detail, how food could keep me strong and healthy. What started as a personal interest eventually turned into using my knowledge to help others.
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