A motorcycle, a friend, and the sea

Be like water

Be like water

Doesn’t everyone have those moments in life when you wish it was acceptable to revert to the behavior of a 3 year old when things are getting frustrating?  Stomping feet and protesting in a whiny string of “no no no” could possibly work at 40 years old, but I’m pretty sure my friends and family would have thought I completely lost my mind.

Last summer I had some big changes going on in my life.  I wanted to stomp my feet.  I tried saying “no no no” but my poor dog thought she was in trouble.  Plan B would have to be put into effect.

Transformations, no matter if they’re good or bad, can have a big impact on balance.  Not only was there a big change in my personal life but I had taken on a new job.  I was feeling a little overwhelmed, totally frustrated, and needed a mental break.   That’s when a good friend, knowing what was going on, called me up and came to pick me up on his motorcycle.  I had no idea where I was being taken I just had a strong feeling he knew exactly what I needed…the ocean.

Have you ever sat and just watched the water?  It’s pretty stinkin’ cool!  Look out across the sea.  The surface can be so peaceful and soothing.  You can’t see everything going on

Peaceful Sea

Peaceful Sea

beneath the surface but you know there’s a whole lot of stuff going on.   The waves roll, the sun glistens and you can get completely lost watching the waves. It’s like instant meditation.

So how does the sea really give us lessons for our situations?  Let’s first just call these little frustrating situations in life, positive challenges.  Positive because you always grow from them.  You learn a lesson, you move along, and you leave behind any of the negative pieces that don’t serve you.  Any struggle you go through is meant to teach you something.  When you’re at the height of the issue and can’t see the lesson, it feels like the wave that’s rolling in.

IMG_2726When I saw the riprap sign I started to laugh and it became the new name for my situation. It was purely riprap and I entered at my own risk.  Who and what is in your life is all there by your own choice.  Some say loving is risky, changing jobs is taking a chance, and trying a new ice cream flavor is living on the edge. No matter what it is, it’s always your choice and you know full well the different directions it could take.

While we sat and talked, I kept noticing the water.  Crashing against the rocks and then rolling away.  The rocks stay firm where they are and the water just finds its way around the formations and then rolls back to the sea, unchanged.  Continuing to be beautiful and peaceful.  Not all situations will be the same or will stir the same amount of discomfort inside.  If you can do your best to hold strong like the rocks but flow like the water, it will get easier.  Stay strong in your values, in your truth, and your authenticity….stay fluid enough to adapt and change. Once your wave rolls back out to sea and things become peaceful again, you’ll start to discover the lesson you needed to learn.

So what about the motorcycle?  Being free on the bike, enjoying the wind and the sun, was just a really cool part of the day.  😉

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I became intrigued with the concept of food as fuel. In 2004 I decided to become certified in sports nutrition so that I could learn, in even more detail, how food could keep me strong and healthy. What started as a personal interest eventually turned into using my knowledge to help others.
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