A Cup of Courage

CupCourage is taking a step when you don’t know where it will lead.  Life is a journey filled with unknowns.  You venture into new relationships, new careers, or you decide to just jump on a spinning roller coaster.  They all have the presence of fear.  It’s what you do with that fear that can make all the difference.

Fear has held different meanings. Face Everything and Rise or Forget Everything and Run.    

Going straight into the heart of fear requires you to acknowledge what you feel.  It demands that you stand up and stand strong for what you want abolishing any fear that tries to sneak in.  It takes courage – it takes strong will – it takes constantly reminding yourself of your goals, dreams, and aspirations.

Sometimes it’s not so easy.  Sometimes you get knocked down and doubt starts to creep in.    There are a lot of examples in life that demonstrate acts of courage.  To some, there is nothing more scary than change. Transformation of anything in life can be pretty darn petrifying if you allow it to be.  You give up the known to move into the unknown and at times it’s not by choice. But what if… what if you decided to find the courage to embrace that change as an opportunity?  Opportunities lie on the other side of fear if you’re willing to see it that way.

Face Everything And Rise…rise up to the challenge of a new way of looking at things.  Rise up to grow, to learn, to find the courage to move forward.




About Nichole

I became intrigued with the concept of food as fuel. In 2004 I decided to become certified in sports nutrition so that I could learn, in even more detail, how food could keep me strong and healthy. What started as a personal interest eventually turned into using my knowledge to help others.
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