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Through the years, Nichole has coached many people in their journey to reach their goals. Every success and highlight has been rewarding and she is always grateful for the lives she is able to touch.

Nichole's coaching is truly one in a million. I've been working with Nichole for nearly 5 years and through those years, she has guided me not only through multiple fitness shows, but through health issues, break-ups, triumphs, cross-country moves and everything in between. Her wisdom and guidance has given me the power to transform my life in ways I never thought possible. Even through setbacks, Nichole has been able to light the path and guide me through my journey. Sometimes we may know the way, but Nichole is there to challenge you to push yourself harder and truly uncover what it is that you want out of this life.

I cannot thank Nichole enough for the influence she has had on my life. She has, without a doubt, been a key factor in not only transforming my nutrition and body but my entire life.

- Kelli B., California

~ Kelli B., California

Nichole has been an integral part in me learning Isagenix and succeeding with both the products and the business. I started out as simply a product user and she provided me with all the support I needed to decide what products were right for my goals and how to incorporate them into a healthy lifestyle. I was very skeptical in the beginning but Nichole was there no matter what to answer my questions and allowed me to take my time to become comfortable. It wasn’t long, though, before I realized that the products were supporting my body in a way nothing else did and I was hooked.
As soon as I realized how amazing the products were, I wanted in on the business! I immediately contacted Nichole who was there, once again, providing me with all of the guidance I could possibly need to get rolling. Nichole is always there when I have questions, she has an amazingly positive attitude which is contagious, and is a wonderful team leader.

~ Cindi, New Hampshire

Coach Nichole has been an incredible support in times when all else seemed not to go well. She is a full support team, all-in-one! She makes sure that she has a good handle on what her clients are going through physically and emotionally. With her consistent assessments of nutrition and workouts, not only have I made changes for me, but great changes that have positively affected my family, as well.

The improvements I have made could not have been done without Coach Nichole's consistent feedback. I credit her with being the solid influence that helped me make the right adjustments at the right times, keeping me going and motivated! I look forward to continue working with her to make even greater strides and hit my goals, both short and long-term. Can't ask for a more dedicated, awesome Coach!

~ Teri, Georgia

"It is hard for me to even figure out where to begin in explaining how much of an inspirational coach Nichole is, but I will try my best to provide you with a glimpse. I came to Nichole a little bit over a year ago for guidance to reach my fitness goals, both from a nutritional and exercise standpoint. From day one, she has been truly genuine and offered and continues to provide me with a wealth of health related knowledge and incredibly informative feedback. I feel like she has been in my life for far more time than this. She has helped me to achieve both emotional and physical wellbeing to live a more balanced lifestyle. It is evident how passionate she is about helping others. I am forever grateful for the impact she has had and continues to have on my life. Whomever has yet to have been touched by her is truly missing out! Without a single ounce of hesitance, I would recommend Nichole's guidance to meet your own personal goals."

~ -Jennifer Brouillette, Easthampton, MA Doctorate of Nursing Practice, Family Nurse Practitioner

“EVERYONE NEEDS A COACH! Who is coaching you? Why should you consider adding Nichole Rich to your Team? Nichole is passionate, intelligent, thoughtful, motivating and driven to live her life at her own Personal Best level of excellence. As a student of mine, I have seen her evolve over our 14 year relationship into a model Black Belt Leader. She competes at high levels and walks the talk of what she preaches….something that many trainers do not do. I have known few in my life that pursue lifelong education and personal development with such hunger. She is always looking for the smallest advantages that will yield the very best results. And while some are addicted to education for education sake, she knows EXACTLY how to extract what is useful and discards the rest. I have been amazed to see what she has done to create harmony while at the same time reach for such extreme levels of fitness in herself and her team of clients.

Needing to lose 20 lbs. in 5 weeks for a world title fight, I quickly realized I needed some outside support and reached out to Nichole. I watched in amazement as the strategy she crafted for me caused the pounds to effortlessly fall off me week after week until I reached my goal. She was there EVERY STEP OF THE WAY encouraging, coaching and staying in tune to the goal. I was as excited to report the weight loss news to her as I was to lose the weight for the event. How nice it was to have a second set of eyes on my target goal, not letting me become distracted with busy schedules and other pressing demands.

Most of where you end up in life comes from who you select to be a part of your immediate peer group. I can think of no one better to add to your team to help you realize your health, fitness, education, balance or life goals more that Nichole Rich. You can continue on your path and learn through trial and error what works and what doesn’t or you can become involved in her program and get the “cliff notes” to success customized for you and reach your goals in half the time with twice the fun.”

~ Christopher Rappold, 4 Time World Karate Champion

“Nichole is a fantastic lifestyle coach whose strengths include keeping clients motivated, adjusting her recommendations every step of the way, and being there when clients need her.”

~ Karla, California

“Nichole is very detail-oriented and always took the time to get back to me with a well thought out and helpful response.  She was supportive, efficient, friendly, hard working and I knew I could always count on Nichole as my coach.  I have loved reporting to Nichole, as she has helped me in so many ways- transforming my mind body and soul. I love how I could reach out to Nichole any time and she always gave me a prompt response.  I could tell she really does care about the people she works with and wants to see them do well in all of their goals in life.  I would HIGHLY recommend Nichole to any and everyone.  She is outgoing, friendly, motivated, and professional.”

~ Naomi, Massachusetts

“I highly recommend Nichole as a coach. Her positive attitude and self motivated persona  is rare. As her client, I love every minute of working with her. She always provides prompt responses and is there in a heartbeat to answer any questions I may have.  She truly is one of a kind and cares about her clients.”

~ Lindsay, Ohio

“Nichole was an incredible fitness coach! I worked with her while training for the Portland marathon. Her help, advice, and support made all the difference in the world.  Not only is Nichole an expert in her field but she truly cares about those she works with. With her help I was able to meet my marathon training goals! I look forward to working with her again!”

~ Gina, California

“There’s no greater feeling than when someone enters your life totally unexpectedly, yet the impact they have on your life lasts forever.  That would be exactly what Nichole graced upon me over a year and a half ago.  Compassionate, dependable, friendly, trustworthy and inspiring, are just a few words that describe Nichole.  I had the opportunity and mere pleasure of working with Nichole while prepping for my first bikini competition.  Although I’m a very confident woman, there were times when my self-esteem was low and I lacked the confidence to achieve my goal.  Nichole was ALWAYS there to support, encourage and help me through the tough times.  Though she coached me from a distance, she made me feel like I was her ONLY client and always responded to emails in a timely manner.  We met through fitness, but have shared a special bond and friendship that I will cherish forever!  I couldn’t have been happier working with Nichole and encourage anyone looking for lifestyle and nutritional coaching to do the same!”

~ Tyneshia, New York

“Nichole has a passion and compassion that is evident as a coach and role model to me.  She has been an extremely dedicated coach with a full driving force to detail to help me reach my goals. I continue to be marveled by her energy, efficiency and enthusiasm to help me achieve my aspirations. Nichole has personally inspired me to open my mind and believe in myself. She has helped me develop confidence in a way that I could never imagine or thank her enough for. Her upbeat attitude and motivation makes me strive daily for my dreams. I have undying respect for her knowledge and desire to help others.”

~ Lindsay, Georgia

“Having Nichole come into my life has been one of the greatest blessings that ever happened to me. Even from across the country, I always knew she was right there with me! Her knowledge, love and passion for her work is undeniable and inspirational. As my fitness coach, Nichole taught me how to love my body, embrace my individuality and to believe in myself regardless of my circumstances. She not only helped me transform my body, she strengthened my mind, healed my soul and changed my life! I am the person I am today, living my authentic life, challenging myself and following dreams that used to seem crazy, all because of Nichole! She is one of those rare people who can make you see what you had been blind to your entire life. If you want to rediscover, rebuild or better your life, your body and your spirit, Nichole is your girl.”

~ Michelle, California

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