Time for Change

Fall is one of the best times of year because it signifies change. Leaves change color, the air starts to become cooler and crisper, and the nights get longer. This is also a great time for some internal reflection.

What is the one thing you can change today in order to create a better tomorrow?

Resolutions do not need to be limited to the new year. I like to reflect on mine with the seasons. For some, that can be more manageable than charting out a course of self-improvement for an entire year. Think of all the things that can come up in a year that can cause you to change direction!

What is one thing you can change about your health?

You might read this and think: “I already eat healthy” or “I already exercise”. Are you getting enough sleep? Are you keeping your emotions in balance? Health is not limited to eating right and exercising. Think in terms of your emotional, spiritual, and mental health. Sleep is one area that can really impact all others. The longer nights are perfect for suggesting the need for rest.

Rest your mind at the end of the day – even if it’s for 10 minutes. Meditation is a great way to detach from the events of the day and put your thoughts on hold. You can either start your day by lying for 5 minutes in bed and visualizing how you want to feel throughout the day. Hold that vision in your mind and focus on feeling calm, happy, peaceful, and resilient. At the end of the day, do this again before going to sleep. It will help balance your breathing and slow your heart rate and bring peace to your mind to put you in a restful state.

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Who is Coaching You?

EVERYONE NEEDS A COACH!  Who is coaching you?  Why should you consider adding Nichole Rich to your Team?  Nichole is passionate, intelligent, thoughtful, motivating and driven to live her life at her own Personal Best level of excellence.  As a student of mine, I have seen her evolve over our 14 year relationship into a model Black Belt Leader.  She competes at high levels and walks the talk of what she preaches….something that many trainers do not do.   I have known few in my life that pursue lifelong education and personal development with such hunger.   She is always looking for the smallest advantages that will yield the very best results.   And while some are addicted to education for education sake, she knows EXACTLY how to extract what is useful and discards the rest.  I have been amazed to see what she has done to create harmony while at the same time reach for such extreme levels of fitness in herself and her team of clients.

Needing to lose 20 lbs. in 5 weeks for a world title fight, I quickly realized I needed some outside support and reached out to Nichole.  I watched in amazement as the strategy she crafted for me caused the pounds to effortlessly fall off me week after week until I reached my goal.  She was there EVERY STEP OF THE WAY encouraging, coaching and staying in tune to the goal.  I was as excited to report the weight loss news to her as I was to lose the weight for the event.  How nice it was to have a second set of eyes on my target goal, not letting me become distracted with busy schedules and other pressing demands.

Most of where you end up in life comes from who you select to be a part of your immediate peer group.   I can think of no one better to add to your team to help you realize your health, fitness, education, balance or life goals more that Nichole Rich.  You can continue on your path and learn through trial and error what works and what doesn’t or you can become involved in her program and get the “cliff notes” to success customized for you and reach your goals in half the time with twice the fun.”

~ Christopher Rappold, 4 Time World Karate Champion

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Live Your Dreams

Do you ever wonder what your life would be like if you lived your dreams?  Are you looking to lose weight?  Are you looking to find balance in your life?  Are you thinking of a new career?  My goal is to help you plan the life you’ve always wanted.  It is possible.  No obstacle is too great.  Let me help you reach your goals today.



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