4 Secrets to Feeling Great with Better Digestion

Contrary to popular belief, you are NOT what you eat.  Rather, you are what you don’t poop.  In all seriousness, the waste in your body tells a story of your health.  Have you ever gotten that gurgling feeling in your stomach after a meal?   You may think that’s normal, but that is likely your gut trying to tell you something.  The reality is that we have become far too comfortable feeling uncomfortable. Isn’t it time to supercharge your body to feeling better?

Let’s start with the basics.  Your high school Biology class may have been many moons ago, so let’s do a little review of what happens when you eat.   Your digestive system breaks down nutrients into smaller parts.  Your body will then absorb the nutrients to give your body energy and fuel to grow and repair.  With a healthy gut and system, the usable nutrients are absorbed.  Your body will then attempt to get rid of what remains.

What do you think happens when your system isn’t operating at its best?  Poor digestion creates chaos in your body.  The result is how you feel.  Those immediate feelings of bloating, fatigue, headache, gas, heartburn…and the list goes on.   Poor digestion can also sabotage your weight loss.

Poor digestion creates chaos in your body. The result is how you feel.

So how do we steer ourselves wrong?   Aside from the obvious of what you’re eating, when and the circumstances around it play a big part.  In addition, stress and other health factors can worsen digestion.  As if that isn’t enough, to top it off, as we age, our production of natural digestive enzymes diminishes. 

Have no fear, your solutions to feeling better are here. Below, I offer four powerful solutions to help you get things on track. 

1. Probiotics & Digestive Enzymes

First, we have to start by giving our gut what it needs to balance it out and help digest food.  Probiotics help restore a healthy environment in the gut.  If you aren’t currently taking a probiotic, now is a good time to look into one.

Why do we need digestive enzymes

Everything physically, mentally, and emotionally, can play a role in your digestive system.  It’s not just all about the food.  Live a fast-paced life?   Have a high-stress career?   How is your breathing?  Going through menopause?   All of these things, and everything in between, can have a significant impact on how your body absorbs and releases nutrients. Digestive enzymes help to break down the complex nutrients to make them available for immediate absorption by the body.

2.  Yoga!

Any yoga will do and if you can breathe, you can do yoga.  Yoga simply means union between breath and movement.  Essentially, you can do yoga anytime, anywhere.   Got your breath?  Do yoga.  As I said above, how we take a breath can have a tremendous impact on our system.  It’s so powerful that just by using proper breath you can ease a whole lot of tension in the body.   One simple move is especially great to ease anything that’s needs to be released after digestion and massages your organs. 

Yoga Move – Spinal twist

Lay on your back

Bring your feet onto the mat with knees pointed up to the ceiling

Slowly drop your knees to the left

Extend the arms out to a ‘t’

Deep breathing for 10-20 breaths.

Bring knees up to the center and drop to the right


3. Deep Breathing

Deep, belly breathing, helps to massage your abdominal muscles and deeper organs.  If you’re feeling a considerable amount of discomfort, it’s best to be laying in prone to practice your deep breathing techniques.   Place a hand on your belly and feel the rise and fall.  If you commit to this for just a week,  I promise that you will notice a major difference in just a few days.  Need help getting started? 

4.  Cellular Cleansing

Cellular cleansing, as I practice it, is a type of intermittent fasting that helps the assist the body in the natural detoxification process.  In Ayurvedic medicine, it is recommended that we cleanse our bodies with the seasons.  Without getting scientific, I will simply explain it this way.  We have seasons.  Seasons mark a period of transformation.  Through transformation, we see many living things change in nature.   These living things are all made up of energy.  As are we.  Our bodies are adapting to and changing with the seasons without us even realizing it.  We must also help our bodies adapt and transform.   One way to do this is by cleansing our bodies at the cellular level. By doing this, we are allowing our body to gently remove any impurities and toxins that are not needed.  What do you think is the result when your body is eliminating toxins and impurities?  More energy, weight loss, better sleep, and ….better digestion.  Contrary to what you might see out there, this is not a colon cleanse, so you won’t need to stay by a bathroom.  You will be eliminating the impurities through your urine.  Not ready for a cellular cleanse just yet?  Try drinking a glass of warm lemon water every morning.  It will help give a good jumpstart to your digestive system. Try adding in SmartMix or Greens to supercharge the digestion.

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