Air Purifier

photo of air purifier

True HEPA filter captures 99.97% of dust, pollen, pet dander, smoke, and household odors.  Ffeatures an optional automatic timer that shuts off the unit after 2, 4, or 8 hours of continuous use to promote energy efficiency.

Storage Jars

photo of storage containers

Stackable, interlocking containers for carrying powders, vitamins, supplements, and snacks.

Nasya Oil

photo of nasya oil bottle

Nasya Oil soothes and protects the nasal passage while nourishing the tissues. Daily nasal lubrication helps to release tension in the head and relieve accumulated stress.

Reformer 610

photo of workout equipment

Comes with wall chart and downloadable AeroPilates Primer, AeroPilates Basic Workout Package and AeroPilates Cadillac guided workout videos.

Spine Corrector

photo of spine corrector equipment

  • Wooden construction with padded top
  • A handle makes portability easier
  • Includes 20-minute workout video

Tongue Scraper

photo of tongue scraper and package

A good tongue scraper is the best remedy for bad breath available today. Clean your tongue in seconds with these high quality, stainless steel tongue scrapers.

Water Flosser

photo of water flosser and package

Normal, Gentle and Pulse modes to meet various oral care needs. The 360° rotatable nozzle design allows you to easily clean the areas that are difficult to reach and prevents debris and dental plaque.

Foot Saver Kit

photo of foot saver rollers

Includes Foot Saver spheres and an instructional DVD.

Realign lower body, fix foot problems, stimulate reflexology points and help improve posture.