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Wellness Consultation

Being well does not just require a nutritional program designed for the individual. It is the body, mind, soul connection that is vital to living a life of wellness. Nichole will use her knowledge of these components to help you restore your health and prevent disease. This 90-minute consultation focuses on nutrition, daily routines, practices that maximize well-being. Prior to your consultation, you will complete a questionnaire which Nichole will use to make recommendations. 

$99 One-time Investment

Wellness Coaching

Are you looking for a healthy balance in life and you can’t seem to find the right combination of exercise, nutrition, and daily activities that work for you?  

Nichole will take you on a journey in discovering the right combination so you are successful in your wellness journey.   With this service you will be given the tools you need to live the life you desire and you will be coached through every aspect of your journey to fulfillment.

When you enroll for Wellness Coaching you will receive:

  • Initial 60-minute phone consultation with Nichole
  • One 45-minute phone call per week to discuss progress towards your goals and determine next steps
  • Resource, tools and homework tailored to your needs

  $250 Monthly Investment
Nichole has a passion and compassion that is evident as a coach and role model to me. She has been an extremely dedicated coach with a full driving force to detail to help me reach my goals. I continue to be marveled by her energy, efficiency and enthusiasm to help me achieve my aspirations. Nichole has personally inspired me to open my mind and believe in myself. She has helped me develop confidence in a way that I could never imagine or thank her enough for. Her upbeat attitude and motivation makes me strive daily for my dreams. I have undying respect for her knowledge and desire to help others.
Nichole is a fantastic lifestyle coach whose strengths include keeping clients motivated, adjusting her recommendations every step of the way, and being there when clients need her.
Coach Nichole has been an incredible support in times when all else seemed not to go well. She is a full support team, all-in-one! She makes sure that she has a good handle on what her clients are going through physically and emotionally. With her consistent assessments of nutrition and workouts, not only have I made changes for me, but great changes that have positively affected my family, as well.
The improvements I have made could not have been done without Coach Nichole’s consistent feedback. I credit her with being the solid influence that helped me make the right adjustments at the right times, keeping me going and motivated! I look forward to continue working with her to make even greater strides and hit my goals, both short and long-term. Can’t ask for a more dedicated, awesome Coach!
Nichole’s coaching is truly one in a million. I’ve been working with Nichole for nearly 5 years and through those years, she has guided me not only through multiple fitness shows, but through health issues, break-ups, triumphs, cross-country moves and everything in between. Her wisdom and guidance has given me the power to transform my life in ways I never thought possible. Even through setbacks, Nichole has been able to light the path and guide me through my journey. Sometimes we may know the way, but Nichole is there to challenge you to push yourself harder and truly uncover what it is that you want out of this life.
I cannot thank Nichole enough for the influence she has had on my life. She has, without a doubt, been a key factor in not only transforming my nutrition and body but my entire life.
Kelli B.