What Do You See? Visualization & Meditation: Your Tools for Success

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Visualization: Your Tool for Success

You have likely heard many times that the mind is a powerful tool. What we think in our minds, can ultimately determine how we feel at each and every moment of the day. What would it be like to feel great all of the time? We live in a world of twists and turns and obstacles. It goes without saying that we may very well have those times when we don’t feel so great. That’s normal. But what prevents us from feeling great on those days and in those moments when there is no reason to feel badly? It could very well be a recurring thought that is creating that mental block.

Martial arts, yoga, and even sports teaching us the power of focus and clearing the mind. Believe it or not, when you engage in any physical activity that has repetitive movements or that you can perform without thinking, you are actually performing what is called active meditation. Emptying the mind can be considered the first step to successful visualization.

Meditation dates back to thousands of years. Through meditation, we learn that when we clear our minds, we tend to have a better outlook on situations and we experience calm through the body. We also discover a greater sense of well-being and realize contentment in our days. Centeredness and a feeling of mental balance can occur with frequent meditation. For some, the path to meditation can be frustrating because it requires diligent practice and the ability to focus on the present. People who have challenges with meditation can experience the same challenges with visualization.

Visualization is a strategy used in sports, academic settings, yoga, hospitals, and is a practice that is embraced by the holitistic world. Since our thoughts determine our feelings, our repetitive thoughts can also determine our outcome. Adding sense to our thoughts (visual, kinesthetic, or auditory) helps to elevate the thought and bring it to materialize.

Try this:

Take a deep breath. Keep taking deep breaths until you feel tension melt away from your body. (If you are new to learning how to control your breath, go back and read my article on breathing techniques.) Think of a good experience you want to have. Add a mental picture. Think of how your body will feel. Focus on that feeling. As the feeling enters your body, start to think about what you are hearing. What does it look like? What do you see? How do you feel? What is happening in your body?

Engaging all of your senses helps to manifest things a little more quickly and gives you a more positive outlook on the experience. Research shows that using repeated imagery through visualization, builds confidence in an athletes ability to perform.

It is essential in every aspect of life that we train our minds to visualize our success and generate positive thoughts thst serve us in order to chance our outcome. Visualization is a powerful tool that doesn’t cost you any money and the outcome can be directed in the way that you choose. So remember, picture only what you want and keep the positive energy in and keep the negative energy out.

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