About Nichole

About Nichole

Dr. Nichole Rich is a certified yoga teacher and black belt who lives her life rooted in passion. Her life has been one of amazing manifestations of her deepest desires.

She has discovered that the secret to attracting what you want most is getting clear on your goals and expressing gratitude for every experience along the journey.

She is dedicated to helping others on their mission in life.

Listen, I’m no stranger to “hard times.” I once was faced with the fear of not being able to pay my mortgage, took a few giant leaps of faith and worked other jobs at all hours in order to make things work. But make it work I DID.

Remember that sometimes, no matter how hard it is, change is necessary.

Anything is possible. You CAN heal your spirit, you CAN love your body, you CAN feel like your life is YOURS again.

What I know from my own story is this: your body will only wait for so long. It will only let you continue to work against it, against your natural vibration, for so long. Then it will tell you LOUD and CLEAR that what you’ve been doing is NOT working – and what seems subtle right now might become extreme, alarming, terrifying, and dangerous.